It’s National Hug Your Cat Day, and felines everywhere are taking cover. Remember that elderly aunt who always greeted you with a too-tight embrace? Well, that’s what your cat thinks of you when you zoom in for a squeeze. Cats don’t usually welcome hugs or enjoy celebrating holidays — especially this one. So we found 11 cats with advice on evading a hug today.

Get down and dirty. It’s not a litterbox; it’s a bunker.

Cat hides in empty box

Go for total disguise and no one will even know you are a cat.

Cat hides in crock-pot cover

Make sure your ideas aren’t half-baked.

Cat hides in crock-pot

Don’t get out of the bag until it’s over.

Cat hides in backpack.

Play dead, but be careful not to look too cute or you may get your belly rubbed.

Cat playing dead

Sleep in (again) and don’t get up until everyone leaves for work.

Cat hides in covers

Hide behind a huge tree.

Cat hides in flower pot

Or in the sink.

Cat hides in sink

Or in a bucket.

Cat hides in bucket

No, a bag!

Cat in bag

Just remember not to trash your dignity. Tomorrow is a nice, regular, ordinary day.

Cat hides in waste basket