We all love our pets, but sometimes they do things that get under our skin — like "relocating" our shoes or not sharing the covers.

We asked our Vetstreet Facebook fans to tell us their biggest pet peeves about their beloved animals, and now we're sharing the strangest, funniest and most exasperating ones. Add yours to the comments below.

"He eats all the pillows and toilet paper!" — Kathryn Ann Kleinschmidt

"My Siamese has made it his job to make sure everything is on the floor." — Patty Deneen

"My little guy sleeps with us every night. He has his own blankets, but he snuggles against me all night and I wake up with one leg over the side of the bed and no blankets." — Candie Engstrom

"Ripping open brand-new toys less than 60 seconds after I give [them] to them, leaving a white, fluffy cloud everywhere!" — Ruthie Davis

"My Calypso can't stand to see a clean bowl or pot on the counter without sitting in it. I rewash a lot of stuff because of her." — Charlee Talor

"Eating cat poop out of the box!" — Sarah Cooper Bramlage

"Rupert thinks all of Christmas is for him. I can barely wrap presents!" — Kirsten Castro

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