Although our feline friends have plenty of fur to keep them warm in the winter, it's hard to resist dressing them up in cozy sweaters, especially around the holidays.

Here are seven cats who would probably rather get a lion cut, visit the vet or have their claws clipped than squeeze into a humiliating and itchy wool sweater.

Thomas isn’t sure which is worse: The fact that none of the gifts he’s posing on are for him, or that his owner is wearing a matching sweater.

Milo’s human insists that powder blue is his color. Milo doesn’t buy it, but we think he looks quite dapper.

As a form of silent protest, Fluffy did not move a muscle for a full 20 minutes after she was forced into the Fair Isle patterned attire.

“Ugh. Stripes don’t do anything for my figure.”

Love?! Hate.

Kitty just realized that her sweater was fashioned from the same ball of yarn she so lovingly batted at with her paws just a few short weeks ago. Oh, the irony.

What’s black and white and red (with fury) all over? This cat.