It's graduation season! In honor of all the hardworking grads out there, we found eight reader-submitted photos of pets who prove that graduation isn't a celebration reserved for humans.

Some may not think graduation is a big deal.

Puppy with a graduation hat

The hours of forced smiles…

Three dogs sit for graduation photo

…and the silly hats are really more for the parents and grandparents anyway.

Puppy poses for graduation photo

But when you think about it, graduation means no more mounds of books…

Dog lies on books

…no more reading late into the night…

Kitten sits on a book

…and no more falling asleep doing research.

Cat sleeps on a laptop

So don that cap and gown proudly!

Dog with graduation cap and gown

And remember, you won’t have to sit for hours on end anymore waiting for permission to play.

Dog sits and wants to play

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