Whipsnade Zoo Giraffe Calf

A gangly-legged reticulated giraffe calf was born on November 13 at the Whipsnade Zoo in England, just as her keepers were arriving at work for the day.

The baby, who will be named by zoo visitors, was born to mom Savannah and dad Uno. She’s the third calf for Savannah, who was born at the zoo herself in 2001.

The keepers were able to see the calf take her first few wobbly steps about an hour after she arrived.

“She’s fantastic. She’s alert, she’s bright — she’s very nosy, and she’s a bit of a character,” said keeper Cassie Taylor. She’s “already showing signs of mum’s calm nature as well as dad’s inquisitiveness.”

She likes to come over and interact with her keepers in the morning, Taylor said.

The calf will soon get the chance to meet the rest of the zoo’s giraffe herd.