A gangly 10-day-old Masai baby giraffe recently had her first chance to venture out into her exhibit and meet the other members of her herd — and made a memorable first impression in this video.

The playful calf, who was born on Dec. 22 at the San Diego Zoo, took off like a rocket around her enclosure, and toppled right over. (And can you blame her? Those are some long legs!)

But she quickly got herself back up and ran off again.

“Keepers report the calf is healthy and progressing very well, even though she is still getting used to her legs, evidenced by a few spills taken during her morning run,” the zoo writes in its YouTube post.

The calf is mom Bahati’s 10th offspring. Her dad is Silver, the sire of the herd. The baby weighed in at 157 pounds at birth, and measured 6 feet, 1 inch tall. The Masai giraffe, which is native to Africa, is the largest giraffe subspecies.