Milly the Chihuahua

Who is the smallest of them all?

While it seems hard to believe, Beyoncé, the Dachshund mix puppy born in California last month who’s hardly bigger than an iPhone, has competition for the title of the world’s smallest dog.

Meet Milly, a 3-month-old Chihuahua from Puerto Rico who weighs in at exactly 5.99 ounces and stands just 3 inches tall, according to People Pets.

Beyonce the puppy was on Today last week.

When Beyoncé made her debut on the Today show last week and fit into a coffee mug the  4-week-old was 4 ½ inches long. Two weeks ago, she already measured taller than Milly, at 4 inches.

But before either of these two can snag the Guinness World Record title for the World’s Smallest Dog, they will have to wait. “For smallest animal records, we require that the animal be fully grown, in this case at least one year old," a representative for Guinness told People.

The record for the World’s Smallest Dog in terms of height currently belongs to Boo-Boo, a longhaired Chihuahua who resides in Kentucky. Boo-Boo measured 4 inches tall in May 2007.

Milly the Chihuahua