A baby black rhino was born at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

A “big, beautiful, bouncing, female rhino" was born last week at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

The 70-pound baby is the first black rhinoceros to be born at the zoo in more than 45 years.

"The birth of a black rhino is significant because they are critically endangered and Azizi's calf will introduce new blood lines into the zoo population," said Dr. Barbara Baker, the zoo’s president and CEO, in a press release.

The calf is Azizi’s first, and her caretakers say she’s a natural. "We are happy to see how attentive Azizi is with her calf," says Dr. Ginger Takle, director of animal health at the zoo.

The independent baby tries to trot in her room — but she won’t let Mom out of her sight, squealing for her if she steps away. And Mom hurries right back.

The newborn is expected to gain about 30 pounds per week from her mom’s milk, and the zoo will add alfalfa and sweet potatoes to her diet when she’s about a month old.

Here she is getting some love from Mom.

A baby black rhino gets a kiss from her mom at the Pittsburgh Zoo.