Monty the therapy dog no longer works at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, but now his legacy there has been set in stone.

The English Setter began comforting patients at the Buffalo, N.Y., hospital in 2006. Sadly, Monty himself died of cancer last spring, at age 13. People from all parts of Monty's life, from hospital administrators to his breeder, came together to raise money for a statue of the beloved canine, according to the Buffalo News. They commissioned Lena Toritch, an artist in Salt Lake City, to sculpt the work.

"I designed the statue to be interactive," she explained at the unveiling in Buffalo last week. "So children can come up and hug him, or people in wheelchairs can easily approach. And I do believe there is healing power in it. If you give him a hug, tell him your utmost secrets, or just simply rub his nose for good luck, you never know what good things might happen to you."

Watch the emotional video below to hear more of Monty's inspiring story.