Chances are pretty good that you're familiar with Paige the Border Collie, but did you know she's not the only talented member of the family?

Her 2-year-old brother, Dexter, proves he's got what it takes to make the Internet fall in love with him in this video. Sure, he probably picked up a few tips from Paige, but it's their owner, Lauren Girard, who should really get the credit. first met Dexter when he was rescued by an organization that takes dogs from high-kill shelters in an area outside West Tennessee and takes them up the East Coast into the New England area. When they stopped in D.C., Girard saw the then 7-month-old, flea-infested pup with a blocked tear duct and a respiratory infection … and knew she'd found the perfect addition to her family.

Dexter and Paige got along well right from the start, although it took Dexter a few days to get Paige to chase him the way he wanted her to. "She's definitely learned to be a lot more playful thanks to Dexter!" says Girard. She trains them both using a clicker and food rewards, which has not only helped Dexter learn a whole slew of tricks in very little time, but has also helped Girard develop a trusting relationship with the young dog and help boost his self confidence.

Whatever she's doing, we're digging it. We can't wait to see what Paige and Dexter get into next!