Duchess Kate tries to pin a sprig of shamrock on Irish Guards mascot Domhnall.

In an annual tradition, the Duchess of Cambridge presented sprigs of shamrocks to soldiers from the Irish Guards in celebration St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday. Kate had trouble getting the shamrocks to stay on one guy: 3-year-old Irish Wolfhound Domhnall. The patient pooch wasn’t bothered by the incident. Maybe he remembers the sweet greeting he got from the Duchess at last year’s ceremony. After Kate struggled with the sprig, the Quartermaster, Major Paul Fagin, tied it to Domhnall’s collar — but it fell off as soon as the dog marched off. "It didn’t stay on very long," the Duchess laughed afterwards. It was among the last scheduled public events for Kate before her second child is due to arrive next month. — See photos at the U.K.’s Telegraph