A South Carolina family is “over the moon to have their dog back” after a fateful visit to an animal shelter. Buddy went missing two years ago when the Cromers were moving. They searched for him for a year, but finally assumed someone else had taken him in. Then, on April 13, April Cromer was waiting at a shopping center to meet a friend for lunch, and decided to wander into Greenville County Animal Care to see the pets who were up for adoption. As she was looking at the dogs, a familiar face caught her attention. “I was like ‘No way,’” she said. “Then I looked again and was like, ‘Buddy Jack?’ and he just started jumping.” She brought her husband back to make sure it was really Buddy. “At first the dog was a little timid but then they started asking him to do his tricks and the dog did it, and at that point they realized it was him, and Buddy realized these were his people,” said the shelter’s community relations coordinator, Paula Church. “The way he reacted … and the hugs and kisses from the puppy, was just all really sweet.” The dog had only been at the shelter for about a week, after he’d been found by an animal control officer running loose. — Watch it at ABC News