Fur Seal Pup at New England Aquarium

Here’s lookin’ at you, pup.

This adorable fuzzy baby Northern fur seal was born at the New England Aquarium to mom Ursula on Aug. 7.

It was just before midnight when an overnight engineer at the aquarium realized the 15-year-old mom was in labor, and called marine mammal coordinator Kathy Streeter.

“I could hear Ursula calling as I walked down the hallway,” said Streeter. “I thought she was still in labor, but when I entered I saw the pup laying a foot or so away from Ursula. Shortly thereafter, the pup and Ursula called to each other, but Ursula seemed exhausted and lay on her side so that the baby could find her and nurse.” 

The aquarium’s staff hasn’t yet been able to get a close enough look at the baby to determine its gender.

Streeter says mom and pup bonded well early on, and were already calling back and forth to each other, as they do in the wild, when she arrived.

You can see how cute they are together in the video below.