Huwi the owlet gets a visit from Arnie the cat at Linton Zoo.

Poor baby Hüwi. The 3-month-old Turkmenian Eagle Owlet was trying to have his moment in the spotlight when Arnie, one of the Linton Zoo’s cats, found his way into the photo shoot.

Luckily, the 13-year-old red tabby is “very gentle and is used to seeing a whole range of animals over the years,” says a press release from the U.K. zoo. “Arnie came over to meet the new arrival and see what we were up to. He muscles in on any photo shoot he can and could not keep his face out of the camera frame this time!”

Hüwi was unfazed by the visit. The fluffy chick, who weighed under 2 ounces when he hatched mid-March, is being hand-reared by zoo employees because his mom wasn’t giving him enough attention. He won’t be small for long, though. The Turkmenian Eagle Owl is one of the world’s largest owls, but it is believed to be extinct in its original wild range.

Hüwi will be part of the Linton Zoo’s educational flying displays. There, he’ll see plenty of Arnie, who likes to make unannounced appearances.