’ve seen our pal Maru play with dozens of boxes — and, admittedly, it never gets old.

But watching him play with his new little sister? Be still our hearts.

Maru’s people brought Hana home last month, giving him a perfect playmate.

According to a recent blog post, Maru’s owners brought the then-2-month-old kitten home for a 2-week trial to see what Maru’s reaction would be. But it sounds like there was no need to worry, and the pair was playing together in just three days.

For a Scottish Fold who’s been an “only cat” for six years, it looks like this guy is adjusting quite well to sharing the spotlight — and the boxes.

“Now, they seem to like each other more than I thought,” the kitties’owner wrote.

Their first video together is evidence that little Hana is keeping her big brother on his toes!