Baby L'Hoest Monkey

The Edinburgh Zoo’s newest arrival is the perfect addition for the fall season — it’s a baby L’Hoest's monkey who has the species’ characteristic pumpkin-hued peepers!

The new member of the L’Hoest's monkey troop was born September 24 to parents Tumbili and Kizizi, and the little primate is spending plenty of quality time bonding with its mama, Tumbili. In fact, mother and baby will be inseparable for the next few months.  

The rest of the troop really wants to meet the darling baby, but Tumbili is very hesitant.

“They all seem to be interested in the newborn baby, however mum Tumbili is still extremely protective, so it will be a while before he or she meets the rest of the group,” says Lorna Hughes, primate keeper at the zoo.

We totally understand how these monkeys feel — we want to meet this little cutie too! Alas, we'll just have to wait like everyone else.