Dec. 14, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

A Florida real estate firm installed a web cam over a bald eagle nest.

500,000 Watching Birds' Every Move

Ozzie and Harriet might not have known when they moved into their home that their lives would be broadcast on the Internet. But after getting a bird’s eye view of the bald eagles’ nest for years from an office window, the folks at Dick Pritchett Real Estate in North Fort Meyers, Fla., decided to invest thousands to install an infrared camera above the eagles’ nest so everyone could watch them — and it’s taken off. Since October, more than 500,000 people from 109 countries have watched the stream of the two bringing in food, caring for their two eggs and fending off intruders. "Everybody has a fascination with eagles. Whether it is our nation's symbol or because they're magnificent creatures," said Andy Pritchett. — Read it at Florida’s First Coast News and view the web cam at UStream

Elusive Singing Dog May Have Been Spotted

A New Guinea singing dog, a canine related to the Australian dingo, was last photographed in the wild 23 years ago, and is feared to be extinct. But in September, members of an Adventure Alternative Borneo tour group hiking in an extremely remote area of Indonesia say they spotted a thick-coated dog staring at them and captured a picture of it. Experts say the circumstances around the spotting — including the region it was seen in and how the animal showed no fear — support the theory that it was a singing dog. “Now we have an exact location where we know at least one dog lives, and from a scientist's standpoint, this is extremely exciting," said James McIntyre, a Florida-based independent zoologist. Still, some question the photo’s authenticity. — Read it at National Geographic News

Maine Woman Mistakenly Rescues a Bobcat

Thinking that she accidentally hit a large cat just after midnight Wednesday with her van, a woman in Veazie, Maine, put the unconscious animal in her vehicle to get it help. But after driving for several miles, she realized that this was no ordinary house cat: it was a wild bobcat. She quickly pulled over and got out, and the bobcat jumped out and went under the van, seeking protection, authorities said. Sadly, the cat had to be put down because the strike from the car was fatal. Authorities reminded citizens not to touch what might be a wild animal — and to call for help when in doubt. — Read it at ABC News

Billie Jean cuddles with her cubs on the zoo's web cam.

Mama Bear Cares for New Cubs at National Zoo

Two rare Andean bear cubs were born in the early morning hours on Thursday at the National Zoo. The pair are an early Christmas present for mom Billie Jean — and at age 6, it’s her second set of twins. “As far as we can tell from the cams, the two cubs appear to be doing well and Billie Jean is tending to them,” the zoo said on Facebook. “We will continue to monitor her on the cams, but won’t be going in with her or the cubs.” The zoo also said that the first week is critical to the cubs’ development. There are only about 2,000 Andean bears left in the wild. — Watch them on the zoo’s web cam

Universal Studios Holds Grinch-Inspired Adoption Fair

Working with Los Angeles Animal Services, Universal Studios in Hollywood hosts its third annual event to help shelter dogs “audition” find starring roles in adoptive families today and Saturday. The “Max to the Rescue” fair is inspired by the rescue dogs who play the Grinch’s sidekick, Max, in the theme park’s “Grinchmas” nightly tree lighting. — Find out more at Universal Studios