June 22, 2012: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Cee Lo Green Gets a New Feathered Sidekick on “The Voice”

Purrfect the cat is so last season. As The Voice begins taping auditions for its third season, the fluffy white cat who lounged on judge Cee Lo Green's lap in the show’s second season has been replaced — with a pink Moluccan cockatoo named Lady. "She's my little lady with a big opinion,” Green told People. “Sometimes whispers inappropriateness in my ear, but always ladylike."

Purrfect does make an appearance in a promo for the show, letting out an unhappy meow as Green and Lady leave her in their car and head into the studio. — Read it and watch the clip at People Pets

It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day — and National Dog Party Day

It's the first official Friday of the summer, and dog owners have two great ways to celebrate today, starting with the 14th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. Read about these surprising companies where your canine can be your colleague for the day, and get tips on how to have a successful day at the office with your pup. Once your dog finishes the workday, he'll probably be ready to party. He’s in luck because today is also National Dog Party Day. Big shindigs are taking place in New York, San Diego and Miami. Can’t make it? Here are some ideas for planning your own event.

Scientists Catch Cheetahs “Switching Gears” While Running

How is it that cheetahs can outrun Greyhounds? Researchers found that the big cats, who can reach up to 65 mph, “switch gears,” taking more frequent strides at higher speeds. By comparison, Greyhounds, who top out at 43 mph, take the same number of strides per second, regardless of their speed. — Read it at Live Science via the Huffington Post

A 5-week-old kitten was found in the bumper of a car after a long road trip.

Kitten Survives a 400-Mile Road Trip Tucked Inside a Car Bumper

As they drove from Phoenix, Ariz., to Newhall, Calif., a couple stopped several times because they thought that they heard meowing, but they weren’t able to find anything beneath the car’s hood. A mechanic at their final destination — 400 miles away — ultimately found a 5-week-old kitten inside the car's front bumper. One of the mechanics, whose cat had recently died, took the kitten home to his wife, who named her Phoenix. — Watch it at WFMY

A Puppy for Putin — From Japan

Maybe Japan sees a softer side to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The country is giving Putin a 2-month-old Akita puppy to thank Russia for its help following last year’s earthquake and tsunami — and to congratulate him for winning Russia’s presidential election last month. The puppy will join the leader’s black Labrador Retriever and Bulgarian shepherd. — Read it at the Wall Street Journal