Jan. 27, 2017: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

A viral video shows a mama dog bringing each of her 11 puppies to her foster mom.

Sweet Dog Surprises Foster Mom

At the end of a long week, an adorable video of a mama Pit Bull sweetly delivering each of her 11 puppies to her foster mom’s lap has wracked up more than 27 million views. Stevoni Doyle took Grayce, a neglected, pregnant dog in to her Utah home three weeks ago, through Rescue Rovers. On Sunday night, the 2-year-old dog gave birth to the 11 puppies — 10 boys and 1 girl. Apparently, the first-time mom thought she could use a little help with the large litter. As the puppies would cry, she would pick them up, one by one, and bring them to Doyle. Then, she’d maneuver in for a little comfort herself. Doyle, who’s fostered more than 100 dogs, was touched by Grayce’s unusual behavior and trust in her. “She’s the first one that has ever brought them over and been like, ‘here you go,’” Doyle said. She shared a video of Grayce bringing her puppies over on Facebook Monday, and it quickly went viral. Grayce and her puppies will be up for adoption once the pups are 8 weeks old. — Watch it at Utah’s KUTV

Zoos Jump Into Spontaneous #CuteAnimalTweetOff

This is a Twitter battle where we all win. On Wednesday, when the National Zoo Tweeted a photo of its newborn grey seal pup, Sarah Hill, a radio host from Norfolk, Virginia, dared her beloved Virginia Aquarium to up the ante with a cute animal of its own. They quickly joined the competition. After a little back and forth, several other zoos including Zoo Atlanta, the San Diego Zoo and the Bronx Zoo, jumped into the fray with their own cute pictures. “I am absolutely overwhelmed by the response,” said Hill. “It’s so wonderful to take back Twitter for something positive. I thought maybe two or three zoos and/or aquariums would respond, but wow. I’m getting Twitter notifications from zoos around the world showing off their adorable residents. Best day ever.”  — See photos at ABC News

Troopers Rescue 103 Puppies From Overturned Truck

New York state troopers safely pulled 103 puppies from an overturned box truck on an upstate highway shoulder on Tuesday, officials said. The driver, from Missouri, was taking the puppies to pet stores in local malls when she lost control of the truck. Finger Lakes SPCA said the puppies were most likely coming from a puppy mill, but that they showed no obvious signs of abuse or cruelty and that while they “abhor puppy mills,” they unfortunately knew of “no means to legally confiscate animals only because there is a strong likelihood that a puppy came from one.” — Read it at the New York Daily News                                                   

Charlotte has a new home with animal control officers.

Little Brown Dog Gets a Home

Somehow, a little brown dog knew who to go to for help when she was lost in North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew. She spotted a caravan of animal control workers who were sent to Edgecombe County, North Carolina, from Charlotte to save animals from the storm’s floodwaters. They were wrapping up their trip when the brown dog started following them relentlessly. Animal Control Officer Scott Kisch said they stopped and got out of the vehicle, and the pooch jumped right in. “I think it was her saying get me out of here, take me home,” he said. They brought her to a nearby shelter, and the staff there has tried for months to find her a home. Recently, they called Kisch and his coworkers at Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control to tell them the little brown dog still needed a home — and they decided to take her in, give her a job in their humane education department, and name her Charlotte. She arrived in her new namesake city this week. “This is definitely a happy ending,” Kisch said. “I wish it was happier and that she went back to her normal family but I’m glad she’s with people that are going to take care of her and love her and treat her right.” — Read it at People Pets

Meet Rescue Dog Named for Mary Tyler Moore

The legendary actress who died this week at age 80 left her legacy in many ways — including in the animal rescue world. Mary Tyler Moore and fellow actress Bernadette Peters co-founded Broadway Barks, an annual cat and dog adoption event hosted in theater’s famed Shubert Alley, 18 years ago. Among the many dogs who’ve found homes over the years at the event was a Lab mix adopted as a puppy by Tony Sestito in 2011. He paid homage to Moore’s work with animals by naming his dog Tyler in her honor. — Read it at Yahoo News