August 5, 2013: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Chips is being hailed as a hero in his new Arizona neighborhood.

Dog Alerts Owner to Cries for Help

Chips just moved to Sun City, Ariz., from out of state but he’s already earned a reputation as a hero in his new neighborhood. The rescued black Labrador mix started acting strangely one night a few weeks ago. "He cried and cried and cried at me when I was watching TV," said his owner, Bonnie Dodson. Finally, she heard what Chips was hearing — her elderly neighbor, Jim Treece, was yelling for help. He’d fallen onto the hot stones in his backyard and couldn’t manage to get up. Dodson checked on the man and quickly called 911. "Fortunately, a dog heard me and rescued me," said Treece. "If it wouldn't have been for Chips crying, I wouldn't have known he was down," said Dodson. Treece is now recovering, and Chips has become known as “The Hero” to his neighbors. — Read it at My Fox Phoenix

Baboon Behavior Baffles Zookeepers

Keepers at a zoo in the Netherlands are trying to understand why their troop of baboons has suddenly started acting fearful of an unseen threat. The animals “became panicked” late last Monday, and for the next two days, “they just sat in the trees or on the ground, hardly moving or eating,” said zoologist Wijbren Landman of Emmen Dierenpark. Among the theories for why the animals are acting traumatized were that they felt an earthquake, saw a predator, or saw an image they thought was a threat on a visitor’s t-shirt. Landman doesn’t think any of those scenarios is likely, but he’s glad that the troop seems to be coming around. "They're not yet 100 percent but they're improving,” he said. — Read it at Africa’s eNCA

Off-Duty Officer Reunites Dog With Owner

Six months after Lightning disappeared from his St. Paul, Minn., home, he’s back with his owner thanks to the dedication of one police officer. Louis Christiansen let his Lab and German Shepherd mix out to go to the bathroom in February, and the 8-year-old dog disappeared. Christiansen called the police department several times a week asking if they’d seen his dog, and Sgt. Doug Whittaker wanted to help. Christiansen thought Lightning had been stolen by a transient woman who had family in the area. Whittaker worked with her family to track down the dog. They called him when he was off duty to tell him the woman was in Minneapolis, and he didn’t hesitate to go and get the dog. He convinced the woman that he’d call her to tell her how Lightning was doing if she would give the dog back, and she agreed. Whittaker was thrilled to witness the jubilant reunion between Lightning and Christiansen when he returned with the dog. “The dog jumped into his arms and they rolled around on the ground,” Whittaker said. “In my career, you don’t get to see this very often.” — Read it at Life With Dogs

An endangered Asian elephant calf was born last week at a zoo in Sweden.

Elephant Calf Born at Swedish Zoo

An Asian elephant who was a gift to the King of Sweden from the King of Thailand has given birth at Kolmården Zoo in Sweden. Mom Bua was artificially inseminated in 2011. The calf’s dad lives in the United Kingdom. The 191-pound baby boy was born on July 27 and is healthy and strong. “The birth was easy and quick and mom Bua is doing a fantastic job,” said the zoo’s Tommy Karlsson in a statement. The staff there is now introducing the calf to the rest of the herd, while fostering his bond with mom. — See photos at Zooborns

Bear Gets Take-Out at Colorado Restaurant

When the employees at Edelweiss Restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colo., arrived for work last Wednesday morning, they noticed something unusual. One of their Dumpsters had been dragged out into the parking lot. And they got a bigger surprise when they checked the security cameras. The culprit wasn’t a bunch of teenagers — it was a hungry and determined black bear. The video, which has now gone viral, shows the huge bear standing on his hind legs and pushing the wheeled container about 60 feet. It was tipped over when the employees found it. After his success that night, the bear returned the next night and dragged away another full Dumpster. Now, the restaurant is chaining the containers shut and hoping the animal will go elsewhere. “The last thing that we want is him getting hurt,” said Dieter Schnackenberg, the restaurant’s manager. — Watch it at the ABC News