Jan. 11, 2016: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Canton, Ohio, police K9 Jethro was with his partner, Officer Ryan Davis, when he was fatally injured over the weekend.

Thousands Pay Tribute to Fallen K9

Canton, Ohio, police dog Jethro is being mourned after being fatally shot while responding to a burglary alarm at a store at about 1 a.m. Saturday. Jethro was shot four times as he entered the store with his partner, Officer Ryan Davis. The dog died from his injuries Sunday morning. “There’s not a doubt in my mind that that dog saved officers’ lives today,” Police Chief Bruce Lawver told the Canton Rep. The suspect was shot in the ankle and taken into custody. K9 Jethro was seen being saluted as his body was carried from the animal hospital to a waiting vehicle Sunday. Thousands shared their condolences on social media Sunday, with many pledging to keep their porch light on that night to honor Jethro. — Read it at the Huffington Post

Lost Dog Injured on New Year’s Eve Goes Home

There’s much happier news for Milly, a black Labrador Retriever who was rescued by Virginia State Police after being hit on a highway in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day. She was rushed to Pender Vet’s emergency room, where she was stabilized and checked for a microchip. A chip was found, but it was still registered to the animal shelter where Milly had been adopted. Luckily, an employee at the clinic had a friend who worked at the shelter, who got the owner’s information and went to their home to tell them Milly had been found. Her story touched so many that strangers contributed $4,000 to a Go Fund Me account to help with Milly’s expensive treatment for her injuries. Milly has now been able to go home and recover with her family. The clinic reminds owners to make sure their pets’ microchip information is kept up to date. — Read it from Pender Vet

Diet Helps 183-Year-Old Tortoise Regain Health

Jonathan, a giant tortoise thought to be the world’s oldest living animal, is feeling a little younger these days, after getting some help with his diet from a local veterinarian. A year ago, the vet, Joe Hollins, noticed the Aldabra tortoise, who’d lost his senses of sight and smell, was eating twigs on his island home of St. Helena off the west African coast. Hollins started giving Jonathan apples, carrots, cucumbers, bananas and guava. "The feeding has improved him surprisingly," Hollins wrote last month. "His once blunt and crumbly beak has become sharp and lethal, so he was probably suffering from microdeficiencies [sic] of vitamins, minerals and trace elements." — Read it at National Geographic

Images of a majestic snowy owl were taken by a surveillance camera over a Montreal highway.

Surveillance Camera Captures Owl

Rare footage of a snowy owl flying over Highway 40 in Montreal, Canada, was caught on a surveillance camera last week. Screenshots were posted on Facebook by Quebec’s Transport Minister Robert Poëti, and the majestic images went viral. The post has been shared more than 25,000 times. “So awesome and a beautiful sight,” wrote one commenter. Montana’s Owl Research Institute says snowy owls are “mysterious” and are usually hard to spot in the wild. — See photos at ABC News

Curious Cat Interrupts Game

A four-legged player dashed onto the pitch in a British soccer match between Everton and Dagenham & Redbridge Saturday. Apparently, the kitty was the most exciting part of the FA Cup game, which Everton was winning 2-0. The Everton goalkeeper had to pause his play to chase the wayward black-and-white cat away. — See photo at the Washington Post