A pair of shaggy Sichuan takin calves

“It is great to have two youngsters at the same time for the animals’ social development,” says Dave Bernier, the zoo’s general curator. “We can look forward to some exciting play behavior in the near future.”

The babies have the same dad, 6-year-old Quanli. But they were born to two different moms.

Mei Li, a first-time mother at age 5, had her baby on Jan. 31, while Jinse, who’s 8, gave birth to her second offspring on Feb. 9.

“At only a few days old, Mei Li’s calf is full of energy and already playfully head-butting his dad,” says Bernier. “The younger calf is still a little more timid, sticking close to mom and finding his feet as he explores the yard.”

After asking the public to vote on names for the kids, the zoo announced that they’ll be named Xing Fu, which means “happy good fortune,” and Mengyao, which is translated as “superior handsomeness.”