In case you weren't already a fan of cat-lover Taylor Swift, this adorable video may just convince you. In a YouTube clip posted on Monday, the country-pop starlet explains the idea behind the Academy of Country Music Awards to her Scottish Fold.

"You're new here, so you don't really know this yet, but this is coming up on a really amazing thing that happens every year," Swift explains to her kitty, who responds with a series of meows and head tilts.

Meredith — or Mere, as Swift calls her — seems captivated by the voting process, and agrees that her fans should vote for "them" to win the award.

Swift has garnered five ACM awards since 2007. This year, she's nominated for Entertainer of the Year, Top Female Vocalist and Video of the Year for "Mean." The shows airs on Sunday, April 1, and fans can cast a vote for Swift's Entertainer of the Year nomination online.

And don't think that the human in this household is the only award-winner. Meredith, who Swift adopted last fall, brought home a prize of her own recently: Best New Pet from the 2011 Taste of Country Awards.