Caroline Golon, the human behind the popular humor blog Romeo the Cat, shares the stories of pet owners who go the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love.

Allie the cat and pink collar

Lisa and Marty Richman of Leawood, Kan., have a three-cat household: two rascally boys named Maxwell and Feraday, and Allie, a sweet but sassy little girl. The Richmans admit that all of their cats are “spoiled,” but they especially cater to Allie, their little “princess,” buying her fancy bowls for mealtime and plenty of pretty accessories.

Allie’s Special Jewelry

Five-year-old Allie has a collection of collars that extends into double digits. Lisa says the dainty gray and white cat has both “everyday” collars and special-occasion collars that typically feature some sort of sparkle or jewel. “She gets a really special collar every year for her birthday,” Lisa says. And, to keep all of her accessories in one place, Allie even has her own jewelry box, lined in black velvet, of course.

More Girly Accessories

In addition to her fancy collars, Allie also sports pink nail caps called Soft Paws, a popular solution to keep a cat’s claws from scratching furniture and/or people. “We call her the fashionista; pink is her signature color!” Lisa says.

Even Marty gets in on the fun. “She is a total daddy’s girl,” Lisa says. “He even bought her a blingy little rhinestone charm to put on her collar. Nothing but the best!”

Fancy Dishes

Allie the cat's fancy bowls

Lisa believes special eating dishes fit Allie’s personality. “She had a beautiful Murano Italian glass bowl, but that broke,” she says. After that, Lisa and Marty went on the hunt for a few elegant dishes for their cat, frequenting estate sales to find something special for her. “I found a beautiful footed silver bowl,” Lisa says. “It’s the perfect size for her, so that’s what she’s currently eating out of."

Allie also has a leaded glass bowl, trimmed in silver to mix things up. “We’re starting a little collection of dinnerware for her. I’m on the lookout for a pink china bowl,” Lisa says. And, of course, Allie insists on eating in privacy, away from her two male roommates. “She doesn’t want to eat with the riffraff,” says Lisa.

The Richmans enjoy the fun collars and accessories as much as they think Allie does. “We pretty much cater to what we perceive as her every whim!” Lisa says with a laugh.

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