Caroline Golon, the human behind the popular humor blog Romeo the Cat, shares the stories of pet owners who go the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love.

Elizabeth and Jason Putsche met through their mutual love for animals. A professional photographer with a penchant for pets, Jason volunteered his services for Alley Cat Allies, where Elizabeth worked at the time. The two met and fell in love. It’s not surprising that the couple dotes on their pets, spoiling them and taking photos of them every chance they get. And, while most pet parents take plenty of pics of their furry family members, this duo admits that the lengths they go to document their pets in photos might be a little beyond typical!

Wedding Photos

The Putsches got married in September 2012. While it wasn’t possible to have their two cats, Frank and Bella, and their dog, Stackhouse, at the wedding, they were definitely there in spirit. “We had multiple photo shoots (with the pets) before and after the wedding,” Elizabeth explains.

The couple enlarged the photos of the pets, mounted them in ornate frames and incorporated them into the wedding decor. “We had one with Frank next to a wedding cake and one with Bella and a bouquet,” Elizabeth says. Stackhouse donned a tuxedo shirt and tie for his wedding photo. And, Elizabeth adds, “We even went home after the wedding to pose with the animals for photos in our wedding clothes!”

Holiday Photo Shoots

Every holiday is an opportunity for a photo shoot, Elizabeth says. Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Halloween are favorites. While the picture-taking itself is fun for them, Elizabeth says they do share their photos with friends and family through frequent holiday cards. “And Stackhouse even has his own Facebook page so our friends can keep up with him!” she says.

Plus, each year, the Putsches compile a photo album of what they’ve been up to and display it proudly on the coffee table for guests to enjoy. The album includes mostly photos of the pets. “I guess that may seem kind of weird to some people!" Elizabeth says with a chuckle.

Even Birthday Photos

Of course, birthdays are always a reason for celebration and more special photos. For a recent birthday party for the cats, the Putsches invited friends over and decorated their walls with life-size photos of the cats. The couple liked the photos so much that they kept them hanging. “Now we have cut-out cats all over our walls,” Elizabeth says.

The couple spends plenty of time spoiling their pets on the other side of the lens, too. From a special “cat room” to dog beds in every corner to leaving the water dripping for the cats who love to drink from the tub, Elizabeth says going the extra mile for their pets is normal in their house. “I love animals, especially my little guys!”

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