cat picture collage

Does it feel a little tiny bit like cheating to showcase an Instagram account maintained by a pet photographer? Maybe, but if so, we're pretty sure you won't care once you take a look at @iamthegreatwent and find yourself grinning from ear to ear.

Andrew Marttila, a Philly-based pet photographer and self-proclaimed "crazy cat guy," started out life seriously allergic to cats and dogs. Fortunately (for us as well as for him), he overcame that allergy as an adult and began photographing pets as a hobby. It's still something he does on the side while studying neuroscience and religion, but it's clearly something he does really, really well.

Our favorite thing about this account is that Marttila not only captures stunningly beautiful shots of his feline (and occasionally canine) subjects, but he also catches hilarious moments (which you know we love) that will give anyone familiar with a cat's quirks or dog's oddities a good, long laugh.

(The captions also tend to be awfully clever. The one below, for example, is captioned, "Haroun is not a morning cat.")

cat yawning

After all, the only thing better for stress relief than petting an animal is probably laughter, right?