If you loved Tim Burton's revisioning of Dark Shadows, you might be wondering what the director is up to next. Debuting in October is "Frankenweenie," featuring a boy named Victor who, after losing his dog, finds a way to bring him back to life, à la Mary Shelley's book. Of course, Victor attempts to keep his undead dog under wraps, but it's all in vain and, before you know it, ol' Frankenweenie is wreaking havoc on the town.

Burton, who also directed "Beetlejuice" and "Alice in Wonderland," is taking inspiration from himself as "Frankenweenie" began as a short film Burton created in 1984. This version will be the first stop motion film ever released in IMAX 3D.

We're the first to acknowledge that the premise is dark and a little creepy, but we've also seen what Burton does with dark and creepy, so we will be heading to theaters next fall to see it our for ourselves.

Will you be checking out the director's latest creation?