Tumbles, who was born last month without his front legs, is now able to get around with the help of a custom-built 3-D printed wheelchair. The puppy was taken to Friends of the Shelter Dogs in Ohio at two weeks old because he had trouble nursing. A volunteer for the rescue and her husband came up with a design for some wheels for Tumbles, and went to the Ohio University Innovation Center to make it a reality. It took 14 hours for the center to print the wheelchair. "Our main goal [was] to get him off the ground. The second thing is to get him used to it,” said Joe Jollick, lab director of the Innovation Center. "It’s a tiny, little puppy so it’s going to take some work.” Tumbles will undergo physical therapy to acclimate him to his wheels. Karen Pilcher, who fosters Tumbles, said that despite his challenges, the puppy’s “spirit is incredible … He’s perfectly happy and he loves to play.” — Watch it at ABC News