With your help, the bison could join the bald eagle as a symbol of the United States. The Vote Bison campaign asks citizens to write their senators and ask them to sign the National Bison Legacy Act so the iconic animal can become our national mammal.

Why The Bison?

Exactly what makes this creature qualified to represent our great country? Besides being the nation’s largest animal, they’re also an important aspect of Native American culture and are considered a symbol of the American West.

Not only is the animal already the official mammal for Wyoming, Oklahoma and Kansas, you can find him on two state flags and he's the symbol for the Department of the Interior. So its safe to say the bison has paid his patriotic dues.

According to a Bronx Zoo press release, several senators have already backed the bill, including co-sponsor Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York who endorsed the legislation last week.

“The story of the American bison is the story of America —our history, and our ability to grow stronger every day,” said the senator.

So what are you waiting for, buffalo lovers? Go vote!