Wolf pup

Leaving the nest is a crucial milestone for kids. But for many parents, the thought of their little ones going out into the big, wide world brings endless worry and fear. For a mother European grey wolf at the Highland Wildlife Park in the U.K., this inevitable life event has begun for her brood of five cubs. Born on May 25, the wolf cubs have started to leave the den to explore their wooded enclosure.

Many of the little fur balls are still shy, but there’s one cub that’s putting its mom on edge.

“The pups, especially one particularly bold individual, are now beginning to wander around the large wooded enclosure, which does seem to cause their mother some anxiety," says Douglas Richardson, Animal Collections Manager at the park.

While the youngsters will probably be just fine romping in the woods, we agree with mama wolf: We never want those adorable cubs to grow up!

Wolf Pup