10 Emergency Preparedness Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

Meg Lewis
Meg Lewis' Australian Shepherds model their safety vests.

A decade ago, Meg Lewis moved from Michigan to California. She knew how to protect her pets from snowstorms and icy sidewalks, but she hadn't experienced dealing with fast-spreading wildfires. Just two months after settling into her home in North Tustin, Calif., she looked out her window and spotted a blaze heading right toward her. Completely unprepared and frightened, she hastily scooped up her cat, grabbed her purse and extinguished embers on her dog’s coat with her hands before escaping with them in her car.

The inferno, dubbed the Lemon Heights Fire, burned most of the trees on her property, and destroyed a dozen homes in the surrounding neighborhood. Her house was miraculously spared.

“I vowed that day that I would never be unprepared for a natural disaster again,” says Lewis, who now has an entire plan in place when it comes to protecting her five Australian Shepherds and a Himalayan cat named Lola during an emergency.

Meg Lewis' Top 10 Tips

If emergency officials order her to evacuate within five minutes, Lewis can now do so calmly and efficiently — with all her pets in tow. Here are her tried-and-true disaster-preparedness tactics:

1. Sign up for an emergency notification system. If it's available in your state, emergency officials will call you if your property falls into a voluntary or mandatory evacuation area.

2. Don’t wait for mandatory evacuation, especially if you have multiple pets. “There are too many of us, and it is far too stressful to wait until the last minute to leave,” says Lewis.

3. Rehearse mock evacuations with your pets. “I tell my dogs, ‘OK, kennel up,’ and they go into their respective crates, so I can put on their vests and clip on their leashes,” says Lewis. “I put them in my truck in the same order — whether it's a ride to agility class or the veterinary clinic. It is a familiar routine for them.”

4. Get your dog a properly sized safety vest that bears your pet's name. “Although I have all Aussies, they are different sizes, and I don’t want to waste time during an emergency evacuation having to size them,” she says. “Their names are embroidered on their vests, which I keep on top of their crates with their leashes at all times.”

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