Pet Vision vs. People Vision: Who Sees More?

Do Pets Have 20/20 Vision?

No!20/20 vision indicates the ability of a test subject to decipher the details of an object 20 feet away that a normal person could see from that distance. Using this scale, dogs come in at 20/75, and cats even further behind at 20/100 to 20/200.This means that from 20 feet away, nomal dogs can detect what a person with normal vision could detect at 75 feet away.The ability to perceive depth accurately and focus on multiple objects at differing distances is also far more limited in dogs and cats when compared to people. So this is one area where people excel!

The Color Question

Dog and cat eyes have far fewer color-sensitive cone receptors, so they do not see with the same spectrum that people do.Dog color vision appears to be the most similar to people who are red-green color blind. Dogs generally see in two hues — blue and yellow.Cats have color vision also, but to a lesser extent than dogs.While it seems to be difficult for pets to differentiate between red, orange, yellow and green, they interestingly outperform people on distinguishing multiple shades of grey.This ability is far more important for vision in dim light situations.

So, it is clear that dogs and cats see differently than people do, and this difference may be the explanation behind some behaviors that we humans just can’t fathom.While in some ways pet vision is not as good as ours, it is however finely tuned to give them specific advantages in certain environments — like your kitchen at midnight!

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