Cat videos: Sometimes we feel pretty certain they’re the reason the Internet was born. They make us laugh; they make us coo; they make us want to try to turn our own kitties into social media stars. Heck, they’re good for our health.

And sometimes, they’re even educational!

Our readers have shown a real affinity for our videos featuring popular cat breeds, so we decided to round up the five most popular breed-specific cat videos on Now you can get your pedigreed-cat-video fix all in one place. Enjoy!

No. 5: Persian 

Is the Persian the most beautiful cat breed of all? Her fans tend to think so due to her long, flowing coat and sweet expression. This video is quick to point out how wonderful Persians are, but it also shares a few details that could make you think twice about bringing one home.

No. 4: Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat, or Wegie as he’s known by his fans, is often confused with the Maine Coon due to the large size and long coat both breeds exhibit. However, they’re actually quite distinct. This video explains the main differences between the two and offers a bit of history on the breed and grooming advice.

No. 3: Siamese

Want a fun fact about the Siamese that you won’t find in this video? This cat breed has made numerous appearances on the silver screen, appearing in films such as The Incredible Journey, The AristoCats and Lady and the Tramp. Get ready to learn all about the breed’s body type, temperament and more!

No. 2: Russian Blue

From the shape of the ears to the length of the body to the color of the eyes, this video has the scoop on all the distinguishing characteristics of the Russian Blue. (Plus, you get to see a kitty playing with a feather! Education is at its finest when paired with entertainment, right?)

No. 1: Maine Coon

The Maine Coon isn’t just popular via video; he’s popular in general. So chances are pretty good you’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with one. But how well do you know the breed? Do you know how big he can get or how quickly he grows? Watch our top cat breed video for those answers and more.

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