10 Cute Cats Celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day

The last Friday in April is dedicated to undigested cat fur. Yes, you read that right! April 25, 2014, is National Hairball Awareness Day. To honor that day and the cats affected by the issue it addresses, we've found photos of the cutest kittens and most fetching felines around.

10 of Our Favorite Feline Photos

Kittens nap together.

Adopted brothers Redick and Dunleavy show their love for each other.

Cat Poses on Table

Which of these things does not belong? This domestic mediumhair, Cheeto, is such a good model, he makes this photo look like a still-life painting.

Cat Poses While Playing

Jordyn, an adorable mixed-breed kitten, poses for a picture while playing.

Cat sleeps on table.

Pinky, a domestic shorthair, was born with a pink nose and a short tail, unlike his brothers and sisters.

Kitten poses while playing.

Junior the rescued domestic shorthair happily plays in his new home.

Kitten playing on towels.

Kitty, a playful tortoiseshell kitten, is queen of the bath towels!

Cat naps by stuffed animals.

A domestic longhair named Padme snuggles with her stuffed animals while getting some shut-eye.

Cat lounges on deck.

Shadow, a handsome mixed-breed, showed up on his owner's deck one day and liked it so much he never left.

Cat poses in grass.

Zeus, a domestic longhair, majestically poses while playing outside in the sun.

Kitten poses for picture.

Sophie, a precious mixed-breed kitten, is definitely the princess of her home!

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